World AIDS Day 2017

World AIDS Day

29th Anniversary

December 1st, 2017 

We all remember dates of significant events in our life – a birthday, graduation, marriage, vacation of a life-time. Whatever the event, it happened in a specific year, in a specific month, on a specific day. Dates commonly commemorate our life events.

Living Positive commemorates the 29th Anniversary of World AIDS Day at the Kaye Edmonton Clinic Resource Centre. Our timeline highlights milestones in the HIV pandemic over the past 35 years.

Come on by and view The Living Quilt – symbolizing resilience and determination.



World AIDS Day Events in Edmonton: Friday December 1st 2017

HIV Historical Fun Quiz

HINT-this will be easier after viewing Living Positive’s display and can be accessed online at the Kaye Edmonton Clinic’s public computers

Enter any name to start the historical, fun quiz. 😀