Welcome to Living Positive

Welcome to Living Positive

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Our Mission

Living Positive through Positive Living Society of Alberta provides to people living with or affected by HIV nurturing and supportive environments in which to develop understanding, positive attitudes and self-images. We welcome all persons living with or affected by HIV, regardless of orientation and gender identification.

Please NOTE: This site may contain explicit descriptions and images that may not be suitable for all ages.  This content is normal, everyday human stuff, but most people may not often acknowledge or talk about such things, at Living Positive we do.

The purpose of Living Positive’s (LP’s) website is to provide information.  By including links to external (third party) sites, LP is in no way endorsing, nor is any endorsement implied, for those sites or its operator(s).  The accuracy and functionality of these external links is not the responsibility of Living Positive.
Any medical information is for information only.  A decision made by you regarding treatment or any other medical procedure must be made in consultation with a qualified health care professional. Especially, decisions about particular medical treatments for HIV and other maladies should always be made in consultation with a qualified medical practitioner knowledgeable about HIV and related illnesses.