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Living Positive is honoured to be a recipient of, and supported by, the charitable work of:

  • Artists for Life (AFL). Artists for Life announced Friday, December 1 (World AIDS Day 2017) that Living Positive Through Positive Living has been selected as their 2018 beneficiary.

The James Tolin Memorial Fund (JTMF) was created by four friends in New Jersey in 2003 to honour the memory of their friend James, who had died of AIDS the same year. Each year, JTMF produces an event that raises funds and awareness for HIV/AIDS and its caregivers. After moving to Edmonton in 2007 and being embraced and inspired by the generous spirit of Edmonton’s arts community, one of the founding members of JTMF, Joyce LaBriola, endeavoured to share James’ story and to maintain awareness of HIV/AIDS. Though James had never been to Edmonton, his legacy is familiar to all that have lost loved ones to HIV/AIDS.

In 2009 Joyce founded JTMF West – Artists For Life organization. The mission of JTMF West is to bring local artists together to raise funds and awareness with the hope of one day eliminating the stigma and discrimination of HIV/AIDS, as well as to providing people living with or affected by HIV/AIDS with support and love, and creating an environment for our youth that is free from ignorance and bullying. In 2016, JTMF was rebranded as the Artists for Life Foundation.

The mission of the ISCWR is to “raise funds, through activities by the Imperial Sovereign Court of the Wild Rose, for charities and other organizations which either provide direct services to the GLBT community of Edmonton or those which work to promote an accepting attitude to gays and lesbians in the community as a whole.”

The Court’s shows are always entertaining.  If you’ve not experienced a performance, then you’ve really not lived!  Members of the Court volunteer their time to make our world a better place and we sincerely thank them for that.  We are especially proud to have been chosen as a recipient of ISCWR’s amazing charitable endeavours.