L.J. Steele

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In Loving Memory


L J Steele


LJ passed away suddenly over the August 5-7, 2017 long weekend.

An active member of many communities, LJ Steele was instrumental in helping make peoples’ lives better. He gave tirelessly of himself.

Having been Emperor XXXV (35) of the Imperial Sovereign Court of the Wild Rose (ISCWR), LJ’s influence and community spirit helped include Living Positive as one of the recipients of the ISCWR’s fundraising endeavours for this year.

For people in our community the loss of LJ has been sudden, shocking, and shattering. Living Positive extends its sincerest sympathy at this time of sorrow. Especially in our minds are Brian and Michael.

Living Positive will always remember LJ as a staunch supporter and advocate for the underdog and People Living with HIV.


(Published AUG 2017)