Recognitions and Tributes

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Acknowledging and remembering those who are currently, or have previously,  played a crucial role responding to HIV is necessary so that demonstrated resilience and strength of individuals in the HIV field is recognized and acknowledged for all to see.

Those living with HIV prior to Protease Inhibitors (PI), pre-1996, were fighters, leaders, and mentors—Pioneers–in pursuit of survival. Many of these Pioneers succumbed to HIV before PIs could be successful for them. Beginning in 1996 the number of HIV survivors skyrocketed.  Long Term Survivors (LTS) continue to fight, lead, and mentor today…..these are active Pioneers.

Living Positive serves many who are Long Term Survivors and still active in the HIV cause.  Perhaps you know someone who has played a crucial role in the response to HIV? Living Positive presents an opportunity to acknowledge anyone you believe has played a crucial role in the cause of HIV.  Do this by recognizing a person currently active in the HIV community or pay tribute to a person who is no longer active in the HIV movement but whose contribution you see as crucial in the journey of living with or having been affected by HIV.

Recognitions and tributes recognize all contributions whether having a singular impact or an impact on the HIV movement as a whole.  If  you are living with HIV or affected by HIV, this is a place where anyone who has made an impression or impact on you can be acknowledged.

Fill out the form below and submit it to us at Living Positive.  We may edit your submission for clarity and length, but will not take away from why the person is held in your high esteem.

Recognitions & Tributes Submission Form

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