Oath of Confidentiality

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Oath of Confidentiality

All information provided to you,or any information of a personal nature that would breach a Member’sconfidentiality, must be kept confidential and must not be discussed outside ofLiving Positive.  Furthermore, any overt recognition in public of a Memberbeing a Member of the Society may be considered a breach of confidential information; thereforeyou must respect the privacy and confidentiality of our Members in publicspaces.  Breaches of confidentiality will not be tolerated by LivingPositive through Positive Living Society of Alberta and could result in thetermination of your association with the Society.

I have read the above Oath of Confidentialityand understand its intent and limitations.  In agreeing tobe active in the Society I acknowledge and agree that all information acquiredin the course of my involvement with Living Positive shall be treated asprivate and confidential.  I will only disclose private and confidentialinformation when legallyorprofessionally required to do so, or authorized bythe Board. I understand that aside from the above mentioned methods of release ofinformation any disclosure of confidential information is a breach of this Oathof Confidentiality and can be grounds for termination of my Membership, Boardposition, volunteering possibilities, and activities produced by LivingPositive through Positive Living Society of Alberta.

By completing the informationbelow I confirm it is my name on this form. As the Oath taker I am agreeingto hold and keep in confidence private information about Living Positive andits Members.  

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By clicking the Submit button I confirm that all information on this Oath of Confidentiality is true and complete to the best of my knowledge.