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Print Resources at Living Positive. 

Brochures, pamphlets, posters, booklets, etc are all free and available at the LP office. Our print resources come primarily from CATIE. Here are just some of the resources we have available for you:

Treatment Resources

HIV Treatment

  1. Common HIV drugs available in Canada for adults
  2. FACTSHEET: HIV viral load testing
  3. FACTSHEET: Oral pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP)
  4. FACTSHEET: Post-exposure Prophylaxis (PEP)
  5. FACTSHEET: HIV Treatment and an Undetectable Viral Load to Prevent HIV Transmission
  6. HIV Chatterbox (paper flip game)
  7. TxMAP: Changing the landscape of HIV and HEP C treatment in Canada
  8. Your Guide to HIV Treatment
  9. The Antiretroviral Guide (for Professionals in Health Care)
  10. Treatment Update 219-The Search for a Cure
  11. Treatment Update 220-Anti-HIV Agents
  12. Treatment Update 221-hep C

Specific Populations Resources

Gay,BI,Queer & Other MSM

  1. Infograph Poster-New HIV infections in Canada
  2. Infograph Poster-HIV/AIDS in Canada
  3. Addressing HPV-related cancer risk among MSM: a Guide for Health Care Providers
  4. At the Interface: Exploring theory in the practice of gay men’s health
  5. Health and Gay Men’s Life Course: Highlights from the 9th Gay Men’s Health Summit
  6. Pop-Specific HIV/AIDS Status Report: Gay, Bisexual, Two-Spirit and MSM
  7. Gearing Up to Get Down: The goods on HIV, safer sex, and protecting your parts
  8. Shout Out Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Transphobia, and Heterosexism
  9. HIV Disclosure: a legal guide for gay men in Canada
  10. Use Your Head When Giving It: Blow Job Tips
  11. Reading This Can Save Your Ass: Safer Rimming Tips


(Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, transsexual, Two-Spirited, Intersex, Questioning, Queer)

  1. Youth Questions and Answers: Gender Identity in Schools
  2. Questions and Answers: Sexual Orientation in Schools
  3. Primed(squared): A Sex Guide for Trans Men into Men
  4. Pop-Specific Status Report: HIV/AIDS and other STBBIs among youth in Canada
  5. My Sex Life: info for young poz people
  6. One Foot Forward: A GIPA Training Toolkit Module 9-Stepping Out, Getting Involved: Integrating Youth Living with HIV
  7. STI-Sexually Transmitted Infections
  8. Oral Sex [Pamphlet]
  9. HIV disclosure: A guide for youth
  10. Sex & HIV: It’s Worth Knowing the Facts and Risks: a booklet for teens [Booklet]

Living With HIV and/or HEP C Resources

Just Diagnosed

  1. Starting points: Living with HIV
  2. Understanding Cirrhosis of the Liver: First Steps for the Newly Diagnosed


  1. HIV and Aging
  2. One Foot Forward: A GIPA Training Toolkit Module # 10: Active, Aging and HIV+

Emotional & Physical Health

  1. HIV and Emotional Wellness
  2. Living with HIV and HEP C Co-Infection
  3. Talking about depression, anxiety and HIV/AIDS
  4. A Tool for Preventing and Managing Bone Disease in HIV Infected Adults

Living With HIV Programming Tools

  1. Healthy Living with Viral HEPATITIS

Social and Legal Issues Resouces

HIV & the Law

  1. HIV disclosure: Figuring out how to tell children and family
  2. HIV disclosure: Figuring out how to tell romantic and sexual partners
  3. Know Your Rights 1: Disclosure at Work
  4. Know Your Rights 2: Accommodation in the workplace
  5. Know Your Rights 3: Remedies for discrimination and privacy violations in the workplace
  6. Know Your Rights 4: Disclosure and post-secondary education
  7. Know Your Rights 5: Disclosure as a patient
  8. Know Your Rights 6: Privacy and health records
  9. Know Your Rights 7: Disclosure in school and daycare
  10. Know Your Rights 8: Disclosure, privacy and parenting
  11. Legal and Clinical Implications of HIV Non Disclosure: A Practical Guide for HIV Nurses in Canada
  12. Know Your Rights: Guide for Parents Living with HIV
  13. Know Your RIghts: Guide for Child and Family Service Providers Serving People Living With HIV (PLWH)

Stigma & Discrimination

  1. Undoing Stigma: Proceedings of the 11th Annual Gay Men’s Health Summit
  2. #ResistStigma: How do we get there? A scoping review

Human Rights & Ethics

  1. Islam and HIV/AIDS: What does Islam say about HIV/AIDS

Prevention Technologies Resources

Vaccinations & Other Prevention Technologies

  1. CATIE statement on the use of condoms as a highly effective strategy to prevent the sexual transmission of HIV
  2. CATIE statement on the use of antiviral treatment (ART) to maintain an undetectable viral load as a highly effective strategy to prevent the sexual transmission of HIV
  3. CATIE statement on the use of oral pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) as a highly effective strategy to prevent the sexual transmission of HIV
  4. Providing HIV PrEP -steps to patient engagement (CTAC)

Hepatitis C Resources

  1. Getting Started: Improtant things to know when you have hepC
  2. Privacy and Disclosure for Youth Living With HIV or hepC