Dab’s Story

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Dab Shares His Personal Story about HIV

“Life is not a dress rehearsal. Live!”

Meet Dab, a “long-term survivor” of HIV/AIDS, who since his diagnosis in the early 1980’s has watched over 300 of his close friends and loved ones succumb to AIDS.  This term “AIDS” (Aquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) is rarely used today.  Medications to manage HIV are so effective that few people living with HIV progress to this stage if engaged in treatment.

The following video is powerful.  This description is NOT what the HIV epidemic looks like today in the developed world; the video describes what HIV meant an HIV positive gay man in San Fransisco 35 years ago at the start of the HIV epidemic.

Watching this video I recommend you have tissue close-at-hand.

You may also want to watch it alone before viewing with others.  After the video ends, the window will automatically populate with videos related to living with HIV.


Published on Jul 16, 2016