About Living Positive

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Living Positive through Positive Living

Society of Alberta (LP)

Living Positive was first incorporated in 1990 to meet the need for Peer Support to gay and MSM’s (Men who have Sex with Men) living with or affected by HIV. Since then Living Positive has seen many changes, but the need for available Peer Support has not changed.   Another thing that hasn’t changed is Living Positive’s position that HIV is strictly a health issue and not a moral issue – plain and simple!  We have maintained this perspective for 26 years. Environments in which we operate are non-judgemental, so feel free to join us.

An LP Membership fee of $10/person per year is required from our members.  In lieu of this, by providing 2 hours of volunteer time with LP, we will waive the annual $10.00 Membership Fee.  To complete a Membership Application click here.

The second part to the application is the Oath of Confidentiality Agreement.  If you are interested in being a member of the  Board of Directors, then click here.   A Living Quilt Application can be completed by clicking here.